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  • Architectures of Hypnosis:(MASTER HYPNOTHERIPIST) Mike Mandel

  • Addiction’s certification: Melissa Teirs

  • Medical Hypnotherapy Practitioner Cert: Seth D Roth

  • Stage Hypnosis: Don Spencer (The Rockstar of hypnosis)

  • Sexual Dysfunction Hypnosis: Kaz Riley

  • Mind Play/ Erotic Hypnosis: Mark Wiseman

  • Vibrational/Human Influence: Dr David Snyder

  • Energy Healing: Dr David Snyder

  • Psychedelic Hypnosis: Melissa Teirs

  • Minister/Ordained: Universal Life Church

  • Reiki Master *3: Usui Reiki 2002

  • Wizard School/ Advanced Hypnotherapy : Mike Mandel

  • Tarot & Angel Cards: Arthur Sugu

  • Face & Body reading: Dr David Snyder

  • Seal, Sigils & Rituals; Andrew Moore

  • Cold reading: Rory

  • Spells, Astrology, Numerology, Pendulum Reading: Self Taught


Let me start off by saying I love magic, I love the unknown. 

I was the kid that made potions, the weird outcast teenager buying all the spell & astrology books… I daydreamed most of my days… I knew I wasn’t like the others… I never really wanted to be like the others….. I wasn’t one for rules or normal.

My family was a combination of Atheist, Roman Catholic, Jehovah & Scientologist’s …. Right!!!

I gravitated towards the natural elements “earth, wind, air & fire ” MAGIC*

I grew up hearing stories about the illuminati, aliens, magic, watching the twilights zone with my Nanny…

Even got a spanking for having seances using a bonfire on our dock… (go big or go home)..


In my 20s I scared myself playing with things I shouldn’t play with not knowing what I know today..

for the longest time fortune tellers wouldn’t even read me, it was as if I had a dark cloud over my head and only had tiny glimpse of the light, But... just enough to see my way… I was afraid of magic & I felt unworthy of happiness, love and even wealth….

& that’s when I took up prayer & started playing once again… Only this time I was armed with an understanding of universal laws and tools…

I began to understand why when I prayed over my food prayers were answered… Why when I broke down & LET GO things Changed, when I believed from the pit of my soul I Deserved better, I got better…. I learned about the power of Desire & got what I wanted, I learned just how powerful a thought is…. By simply thinking of something and giving it attention, you give it life… (thought forms are one hell of a thing).


NOW!! Lets Fast forward into the future… my friends started seeing a hypnotist to STOP SMOKING & I tagged along… ended up getting hypnosis for depression & anxiety …. I still don’t understand what happened that day but my life changed and it changed fast… within a month I was in the gym, cut my hair off n dyed it black, got covered in tattoos, I finally put ME 1st…. people hated it and I didn’t care.. I was living expectation free for the 1st time ever.

I was intrigued, I wanted to learn, I wanted to play… & I did…

I learned hypnosis with some of the best in the world, I traveled & I had a blast … & finally for the 1st time in my life it felt right, I felt like I belonged… I opened Inductions hypnotherapy and reiki in 2017…

& its changed my life as well as others…. I enjoy what I do… & I want nothing more then to teach these lessons to others and set them free as well, because everyone deserves to have emotional control, the feeling of being free, because the only thing we can control is how we chose to feel .

Look forward to working with you soon!

High Priestess Toni


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