Inductions is proud to introduce sessions/ classes on:

  • Candle, Card & Pendulum readings

  • Baths - Clearing, Protection Removing, Beauty & Manifestation

  • Activation/Cleansing of Crystals, Charms & Mojo Bags

  • Energetic block, Attachment & Hex removal

  • Seal & Sigils work

  • Casting, Ritual, Binding services available

  • Past life regression

  • LOVE & SELF LOVE Magic

  • Money Magic

  • Protection Magic

  • & much more 

Meme Magic

brought to you by Inductions H&R... This is my take on a new age book of shadows, it has everything from Prayer to Hexes in meme format... If you require assistance book a consultation & I  will be more then happy with assisting you with your magical needs n desired outcome.