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Let me start by saying whatever you think of most you attract, same thing works when you worry, you only get more of what you worry about... By giving a thought your attention you give it life and when you believe you are cursed,  you become cursed,

You begin to only notice the bad things as that is what you attention is hyper focused on..


Inductions would love to teach you tips n tricks for unblocking yourself using Hypnosis, Reiki and or Magic,  As a master of human & vibrational influence I want to teach you human & physic defence, I want to teach you how to PROTECT yourself and your family from attacks, teach you how to master your fears and make your fears work for you... How to instantly notice when people are taking advantage of you & protect yourself instantly before its to late.

I want to teach you how to raise your vibration & shield yourself from attacks. 

But for now please enjoy some Meme Magic until you are ready to dive deeper into self and when you are ready, only when YOU are ready 

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