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This mat pairs carefully selected healing crystals to each of your seven chakras.

Chakra balancing therapy is a well-established practice in many countries across the world. Its benefits are readily sought after due to its ability to heal not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

Combining the ability to balance your chakras with the added therapy of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), we have created an all-inclusive healing experience for your mind, body, and soul.


The mat uses our established heating technology to release far infrared rays.

This boasts healing benefits internally as rays invisible to your eyes penetrate you deeply. Feel the effects of improved blood flow as it stimulates your body and improves oxygen levels in your cells.


Heat therapy and PEMF will promote faster bone healing, reduction in swelling, a decrease in aches and pains, and much more on the physical level but a better understanding of your wellness and how to live in your body’s improved state of being. with the help of :

  • lbs of Amethyst

  • 8 lbs of Sodalite

  • 8 lbs of Blue Lace Agate

  • 8 lbs of Green Aventurine

  • 8 lbs of Yellow Aventurine

  • 8 lbs of Carnelian

  • 8 Lbs of Red Jasper

Inductions encourages you to book our  Bio Technology paired with Reiki  & Hypnosis services 

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