MALE Specialty services starting at $249:

  • Erectile dysfunctions

  • Relaxation & Blood flow

  • Controlled Release

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Delayed ejaculation

Let Us help You,

help Yourself!!

And have a confidant, strong, satisfying, guilt free sex life and a healthy body image 

FEMALE Specialty services Starting at $249:

Anorgasmia & Dyspareunia

Menopause, Hot flashes

PMS, Painful Mensuration

Low Libido & Vaginismus

Postpartum & Depression

Inability to orgasm 

Inductions is here to help you with the following hypnosis Services:

Adult Hypnosis:

  • Get an Orgasm button for $99

  • GET OVER YOUR EX...... NOW!!!

  • Have sexual confidence

  • Feel young again

  • Shame removal 

  • Become dominant 

  • Unleash your sexual wants and desires

  • Be submissive

  • Love Thy Self

  • Overcome body dysphoria

  • Porn addiction & unrealistic expectations gone in 3 sessions

  • Cheating on your partner? Pass a polygraph with Inductions

  • Kink, Fetish & BDSM Hypnotic play

  • ABUSE - PTSD we can turn the emotion down together

  • ....... & Much more