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Not everything we tell ourselves is the truth we can all use self improvement.

Majority of us has forgotten to love YOURSELF 1st, take time for ourselves, learn, explore, do something out of the ordinary and most importantly laugh..


We take the small things in life for granted as we get so involved in others expectations (social media) we forget how to enjoy a meal with family and friends, we forget how beautifully flawed were all are, we forget tomorrow is a new day with new endless possibilities.

And as you look into the mirror you can choose to see imperfection or perfection it is your choice, I can help you help yourself with the following:

Love Thy Self Boot Camp 7 step programming:

  • Loving yourself effortlessly without guilt or shame

  • Removing limited beliefs & people pleasing behaviors

  • Being confidant well creating healthy happy habits

  • Set and achieve realistic goals!!

  • Enjoying spending time alone, have positive self talk?

  • Become playfully successful

  • Control yourself and your life

Weight Management:

  • Being a healthy mindful eater, chewing and enjoying better choices

  • Control skin elasticity with hypnosis

  • Taking your power back and control your emotional states

  • Design an ideal version of yourself

  • Taking the enjoyment and cravings out of unhealthy foods with food aversions 

It is your choice to book an appointment and start creating a NEW and BETTER you, a POSITIVE you, the you that you know you can be deep down inside let's tap into that, lets reintroduce you to new possibilities, We can throw the baggage out together (self-doubt, emotional baggage from EX lovers, anxiety)

Procrastinate later & book a session NOW!! 

Inductions H&R now offers Food Aversions & The Hypnotic Gastric Band, I lost 105lbs in 1 years using these techniques and you can as well

Woman in Underwear
In the Boxing Ring

it is how we perceive our SELF that matters

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